12th March 2005

Some additions to the site including a quick guide to converting your 16" front wheel to 17" and a newly updated tyre section. Find them both under features.

30th October 2004

I was invited up to Morcott by Ride magazine along with a few other Fireblade owners. They gave us a free dyno run, took some photos and asked us all sorts of questions about our bikes and ourselves. It was a good day, met some good people and got some sound for this site (look under features/sound). We'll be in the January issue so catch our ugly mugs then!

Thank you to all the people that have sent in pictures over the last six months, sorry it's taken so long for them to arrive on the site but they are now on gallery 4.

5th April 2004

Couple of slight alterations today. The changing brake lines section in features has an additional cheat added to make things easier and the cleaning section has been updated to include my love affair with baby wipes :o)

2nd April 2004

This site is now available under the www.redliners.co.uk address as well as www.fireblade.org.uk

11th February 2004

I am a dad for the second time today, another little boy emerged from my wife at 03:12 this morning weighing 8lb 6oz. We've named him Tobias but we call him Tobes. Mother and baby are doing well.

19th May

Directory section now has some tyre paces in it too

18th May 2003

I have started a new section of the site called the directory. Basically the plan is to put as many motorcycle service providers in there as I can. Currently it contains Insurance companies/brokers but there is more to come. Enjoy.

10th March 2003

It seems that the only time i update this page recently is to bring bad news. Just heard today that Barry Sheene has died. Another one of my hero's is gone. Thoughts are with his wife and family. 

13th January 2003

Sad news today. Simon 'Ronnie' Smith A journalist for Performance Bikes was killed on Friday in a Road Accident on a scooter. Ronnie was one of my biking heroes, a guy who could wheelie a fully dressed Honda Espancade (Gold Wing) and do a 122mph lap of the TT. He'll be sadly missed. My thoughts go to his wife and his two children.


Finally found somewhere that does models of Fireblades. Unfortunately they're in the US so shipping might be a hurdle but worth a go. Find them here


A new sound has been added to the sounds section. Enjoy :)


Happy Birthday knocker!.

I have posted a picture of my new son with his best mate this morning. You can find it here, i know it's not really the thing people come to a bike site to see but i don't care :)


No site updates really apart from more pictures in the gallery thanks to one wheeler and his new blade. Hopefully we'll be getting some video of him doing some decent wheelies which is  his trade mark :) . I do have an announcement though, I became a father for the first time today at 18:49 BST to a little boy which we have named Ethan. He was 7lb 15oz and he's great. Been grinning ever since he popped out. Mother and baby are doing well.


Derbyshire police are holding 'BikeSafe' rideouts during the summer. They're to be based in Matlock Bath. Full details are HERE . Thanks to Mike Dughan for the tip, He'll be down there so introduce yourself. I will try to get down there (or is it up there?) myself at some point but a new baby will leave my biking seriously depleted this year :(

I took my race can off my bike for the MOT today. I could barely tell if it was running :)


The LAW section of the site works again now so if you have any problems concerning the law then please fill in the form. Your details will be kept confidential and you can give a false name if it makes you feel better :o) 

Yet more updates!! The forum has now been changed to one which i can actually access. No registration needed so it's easy to post. It's a tad more basic than the other one but i would rather have one that works really :) Go on go post something.


Wonders will never cease! 2 updates in as many days. Remarkable. The site is now hosted by a different company. I have to pay them money for the privilege but i can upload files through my cable rather than having to dialup. It also means that i can update the site more often, which is nice. A new forum is in the pipeline (another bonus of a paid server). You may have noticed that we are now www.redliners.net . We can still be accessed through www.redliners.co.uk but if you go straight to www.redliners.net you wont have to click through the splash screen.  


Well it's Merry Christmas, happy new year and all that other stuff rolled into one. It seems like an age since i updated anything on the site, and it has been. Thanks to all the people who sent me stuff (except one who can take a running jump), sorry it's taken so long to get it on the site but it's finally there now. If you submitted anything and it's not there, give me a nudge cos it's probably sitting in my email folder somewhere. I never delete emails so i have about 3000 sitting on my hard drive so it's easy to overlook stuff.

Additions to the site: There is a handy guide for the lucky people who have bought a power bronze under tray. Apparently the fitting instructions that come with it are pretty crappy so thanks to Andy for that. There are some more pictures in gallery 3 so go take a look at them.

While i have been away i was involved in the Fireblade article with MCN that came out in early February. Myself and 9 other Blade riders had our photo's taken at Bruntingthorpe proving ground in Leics. It was a good day out for all concerned although it was a bit parky standing in the middle of a huge field in a high wind while the photographer took loads of pictures that they didn't even use. Got to do a few laps of the 'track' and did a couple of top speed runs down the 2 mile straight. There was a pretty strong tailwind which explains why my bike managed to register 180MPH on the speedo. I have no idea how fast it actually was as they didn't bring a speed gun with them that day. A CBR600 which was shadowing me registered 171 so i reckon we were getting on for 170MPH. Felt fast.

I am currently looking at new forums. I am getting fed up with the current one either being super slow or unavailable. If it comes to it i will have to pay for hosting or merge the board with another blade website. Shame really, i like the format of the board we have and would rather not make everyone re-register.

And some personal news from me. Four weeks from now i will be a father for the first time. I cant wait.


The gallery has been altered to make it easier to find new images. It  has been split into sections so that you do not have to download all the pictures you have already seen, just to see if there are any new ones. Check it out.


This site will be down for about an hour between midnight and 2am BST. Sorry 


All those people who have sent in pictures of their Blades, thanks. All I have received are now a feature in the gallery.


I have been pretty successful in obtaining new parts for my bike to replace the ones I broke in my smack. I got hold of a new crash bobbin for the left hand side of the bike, after the money it saved me in new panels this was the thing I would not leave off the bike now, they are literally worth their weight in gold of you crash. I have received a new set of footrests from M&P, they're the flashy tapered alloy ones, I got them in black because I didn't want to go over the top with red or blue ones. I tried to order them from MPS but they said that the Fireblade wasn't a model covered in their range!!! I also got some really small indicators, y'know the sort you usually find on gray import 400s They have an iridium lens which looks well cool and they match the front flush fitting ones that I bought at last year's NEC but never got round to fitting. I managed to get hold of a new engine cover for £30 +vat from a breakers and a left hand seat panel in the right colour (I hope, it's not here yet) for £35 +vat which I thought was a bargain as the new price is £99.16+VAT! I will be fitting these items over the next week or so, I will let you  all know I f I have any problems. I cant wait to get out and ride the bike again,


Thanks to all those people who have sent me pictures, they are now all in the gallery or the alternative gallery somewhere. A special mention to those of you who tried to send me stuff without success, you know who you are :)


The new forum is down AGAIN. I don't know about everyone else but it's really beginning to get on my nerves. If it's not back up with in the next day or so I will start a new forum using Delphi or similar